Private Personal Training

Private personal training provides an environment for the client to receive 100% of the trainer's focus at every moment. This ensures proper technique and positions are being held throughout every exercise being performed.  This option is usually best for new clients. 

Semi-private personal training

Multiple clients may be working on their own seperate programs simultaneously.  This option is usually reserved for seasoned clients that have demonstrated a good understanding of the movements and exercises to be performed.


6 week Fit-camp

Twice a week for 6 weeks, join like-minded individuals for 45 minutes of fun, safe and intense exercise. Fit-Camps start every 8 weeks, leaving two weeks for recovery in between. 


Online workout program

Online programming consists of weekly personalized workouts sent via email with video links and in-depth descriptions of each movement. This ensures that you are working out for you, training exactly what you need to improve upon. All on your own schedule.